Daphne Ahlers
Anne Cathrin Ulikowski

Bodypart Convention

for traders and buyers.

Originally parts of a whole body,
sliced into tranches,
the parts can be thought of as a promise to pay investors
in a prescribed sequence,
based on seniority.

The tips of all fingers of both hands are brought sharply together to form a downward pointing cone. The hands are held motionless.

Bodypart Convention

Daphne Ahlers
Anne Cathrin Ulikowski

Eröffnung am
Freitag, 16.12.2016
um 19 Uhr

Galerie Genscher
Marktstr. 138 /Hinterhof
Hamburg /Karolinenviertel

U2 Messehallen | U3 Feldstraße | S21 Sternschanze

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