Adrian Alecu zeigt im Rahmen der Film- und Vortragsreihe „Picknick mit Genscher“ in der Ausstellung „Videocamping Neubauwohnung“ die Filme:
Film, 16mm, 3Min, 2006
MiniDv, 16 mm, blow-up 35mm, 2007
HD Video, 16 min, 2014
Full HD Video, 28 Minute. 2014
Working City1
The bus is a kind of accident in time. As the theists say: „He may not come when you want him, but He’s right on time“. In the station where I wait stop many buses which continue their jo urney, heading off in different directions. I wait for bus number 168. Everyday, people meet in the station. Some of them work in the same place and some of them live in the same house. They talk to each other. Mostly, they talk about the film from the TV in the evening. There was no line or any kind of rules for queuing, such as a short single yellow line that would enforce order in waiting. Because I was quite small, most of the time when the bus are com ing I disappear in the crowd of waiting people who stormed the bus. I took my preferred place, which was outside on the bus stairs. In summer was nice and in winter it was cold. But as a kid I didn´t take it seriously and I dreamt of traveling alone in a car t hrough an empty city. No people around, just me and the city lights. I refused to listen the dramatic sto ries of the people around me. I transformed my trip into my own film, one without a story. The Idea of being in a film for awhile, the travel, made me forgot the time and the place where I was going. It was a film, without the riotous feelings that I heard around me. My film, a evocation of travel, however funny or ironic, prompted a longing for freedom, a longing from all filmic grammars of seeing and reacting to Art. A free d om of a film liberated from the punishment of the spoken word. A freedom making a film using pictures as a meaning not stories using spoken words. A film that can be enjoyed only through the sensitivity of visuality. That is my Travel. Adrian Alecu
 Adrian Alecu, Filmscreening
Galerie Genscher, Marktstraße 138, 20357 Hamburg
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