Feather Theories 2
Pilar Cruz

Wishing your way into Kunst. Having an Idea trying it out and through the process of trying, observing how aesthical it is. Like Frederic Brummer recently said“To be honest, the futility adds to the aesthetic. It emboldens the imaginative spirit. It says, fuck possible, watch this! The subsequent belly flop only whets the appetite for the next attempt“. At last the wish becomes an object and though the idea fails, The object stands for my wish.

Attaching mouth harmonicas to a silver stand up fan with three strength settings in an effort to play the harmonicas from the fanning wind. I expect the sound to be distorted by the rotating wind

„Feather Theories 2“
Pilar Cruz

Galerie Genscher
Marktstr. 138 / Hinterhof
Hamburg / Karolinenviertel

U2 Messehallen | U3 Feldstraße | S21 Sternschanze

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