While majoring in sculpture in University, I was often exposed to large sculptures from surroundings. Then I questioned the male power-centered symbolism inherent in the sculpture and focused on the relationship between the sculpture and its surrounding space. In the meantime, I became further interested in the social circumstances in public, thereby contemplated about how art could express the relationship between sculpture and social circumstances. Rather than building public structure made of hard, solid material in the form of installation representing masculine symbolism, I decided to implement a new concept of public art by taking advantage of mode of behavioral arts suitable to reveal my identity as a female artist. Based on the concept of „I myself am soft and moving sculpture,“ the performance was carried out on a stage in a routine location and worked in conjunction with video and photo media that could record it. As a result, in 2014, the „Soft Sculpture Series“ was produced in public, dressed in a flexible, elastic material. In particular, „Red Sculpture“ in this series deliverer a performance in front of masculine sculptures in public, reminding them of their form on the one hand, and softening them into soft movements on the other hand. Thus, the social or urban geographical features of public places and sculptures representing such places were reinterpreted through feminine perspectives. It will then seek to take back the meaning of public character, which has recently been excluded from the current public art, and to visualize the alienated place in a feminine way. In-depth attention is paid to the epic aspects of the place, such as the history of the particular place planning the performance work or the lives of the nearby residents. The ongoing projects inspire highly-involved audience, aiming to form a public emotional consensus under the concept of „We ourselves are public art.“ Besides that, I am also interested in experimenting with more advanced public art by combining media façade reflecting the architecture and its surrounding placeness, experimental film that fictionally depicting the spirit of the age, and distinctiveness of an immersive play with art.Education2012. 09 – 2015. 02 Master in Education of Art (M.E.A), Dong-A University, Busan, Korea 2007. 03 – 2011. 02 Bachelor, Fine Art / Sculpture, Dong-A University, Busan, KoreaExhibition & Project2018“I-Gong Video Showcase Market 2018”, Seodaemoon Inn & Media Theater I-Gong, Seoul(G) “Monument of Moment”, Media theater I-Gong, Seoul(S)“Umraum”, Koreanisches Kulturzentrum Gallery DamDam, Berlin(G)2017“Chongqing Biennale: Social Theater”, Sichuan Fine Art Institute Museum, Chongqing(G) “Lotus Land”, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju(G)“Berufstätige Bevölkerung”, Schloss Plüschow, Plüschow(G)2016“Cross-sectional society”, Youngeun Museum, Gyeonggi Province Gwangju(G) „Bottled: Project in Plüschow Germany”, Schloss Plüschow, Plüschow(p)“Bottled: Project in Seoul Korea”, Seoul Art Space-Seogyo, Seoul(p)“Eun Jung, Sim’s Ttolmang Solo Show”, CICA Museum, Gyeonggi Province Gimpo(S)2015“NEMAF The 15th Seoul International NewMedia Festival”, Rainbow Gallery, Seoul(G)Residency & Award & Grants2017Funding of International art exchange to support project, Art Council Korea2016Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus Schloss PlüschowShare Project Laboratory Season2, Seoul Foundation Art and Culture, Seoul

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