Lucio D Cavallari ‚Run Don´t Play Dead‘

After a lost&found treasure experience the work of Mr Cavallari is going to be shown at GALERIE GENSCHER on December the 10th 2015.

The exhibition ‚R,dpd‘ is intended as an act of homage to life, death and the so long acclaimed sex with your parents lifestyle.

The same very day a world preview of his latest video work will be shown to public -in conjunction with Nonames (Foreign Beggars) and The Cream Lovers.

According to new official guidance issues advice „escape if you can“, „insist others leave with you“, „run, hide and tell“.


Lucio D Cavallari was born in Italy in 1982.

Attends the Art Institute in Modena, Central St. Martin and Ravensbourne College in London. Lives and works in London for six years, as a personal assistant of Dianne Harris (Kinetica Museum), Flora Fairbairn and Lucy Wood.

From 2006 -2008 is part of United Visual Artists, works in Japan, Russia, Usa, Israel and Europe.

In 2008 and 2010 walk through Spain, documenting every hour of his journey.

December 2010, moves to the Tropical Rainforest of Costa Rica: shamans, plants and wildlife have a strong impact on his way of living the contemporary.

2011-2015 fully commit creating artworks in his studio in Modena. He is currently based in Hamburg.


Lucio D Cavallari ‚Run, Don´t Play Dead‘
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Marktstraße 138
20357 Hamburg

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Kulturbehörde Hamburg.