An exhibition with works by
Harry Thring, Sara Malie, Jaewon Kim and Mette Bjørndal
and with graphics by Kiki Park.
Like the softest touch of wind 
on a day in vacuum,
remains of a past travel
not visible for naked eyes.
In a sphere independent of time and space, 
We draw lines, 
down to up, 
to see space travel.
Right to left, 
to see time travel. 
Movements without traces 
passing through hearts
to re-occur, 
will keep transforming indecisively 
new to old, 
old to new. 
Sounds move like waves 
they will wander from coast to coast 
appear as light 
before we can call it water. 
There will come soft rains in shape of water, 
multiplying rocks and rockets, 
undiscovered fossils from linear ecosystems, 
new soil originating from old land, 
and then the smell of the ground.
The Exhibition opening will take place
Thursday the 9th of September 2021 from 17.00 Opening hours after day of opening will be
Wednesday-Sunday, 13.00-19.00. Last day of the exhibition 19th of September.