Join our 2-day academy event, hosted by GHR’s senior CXO Albert Kowalski and special guest coach Taeck Goldt

– Turn your trash into a token of hate/love!

– Donate your trash, old newspapers and other material

– Make your own hate / love lock

– Highjack love locks with guest coach Taeck Goldt!

| TIMETABLE Hate Lock Run and Academy |

FRIDAY 6 pm:
Academy Kick-off with drinks and collection/prearation of material.
SATURDAY from 2 pm:
– Love Lock Highjacking Course & Recruitment with Taeck Goldt
– Hate Lock Academy – Build your own hate lock
– 5 pm: Hate Lock Run – Install your Hate Lock!

Create your city!

LOVE IS IN THE AIR and more precisely, on the bridge!

As witnessed by all of us, millions of people have given testimony to their #eternallove.
But don’t forget: Hate brings us together, too! An emotion, so emotional, you and your favorite enemy are bound together forever – as long as the feeling is mutual!

Give testimony to that shared feeling or remind your hated one that you’re thinking of them! Create your super token of #dislike! A giant lock made out of trash!
Recycling is hating!
Hate is passion! Passion is life!

With Genscher’s HATE LOCK ACADEMY, you can create your Giant Lock, which will then, in a beautiful procession, be brought to a place of your liking and installed there as an eternal token of your hate, for everyone to witness.


G#R Zentrale, Marktstr. 138, Hinterhof / Karolinenviertel / St. Pauli / Hamburg
U2 Messehallen | U3 Feldstraße | S21 Sternschanze

Kindly supported by Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg
and #Genscherhardcorerunners